So today I learned that Facebook is not the best place to have HONEST discussions about touchy subjects. Much like Twitter is not the best source of fake news. I do hope that if nothing else comes from my writing, I inspire people to have open and honest dialogue with one another, in a respectful way. I made a mistake by posting something that hurt some people. Though my intentions were totally above board, and with a full intent on listening to what others had to say, my comments were not well received by all. And it was confusing to me, that they were taken in a negative way because I didn’t understand the reason WHY. Until I read some of the explanations and LEARNED something from those who had more direct experience.

This uproar of disagreement was also kind of surprising to me, because usually people on my newsfeed agree with my witty poignant comments. At least more so after the supporters of racism stoped following me.

I mention this because I feel we’ve become a society where preaching to the choir is the only way we get involved. Does it really matter if people on your feed agree with you, while you continue to complain about politicians, sexism, human trafficking, racism, but you’re not willing to pick up the phone to call your legislators? Or you’d rather not be bothered by volunteering to increase voter registration or volunteer period? Who are we really trying to kid? We can march and yell or shun people all we want, but nothing will ever change until people start to DO shit! Start to have the uncomfortable conversations with their neighbors, family, friends.

It used to be okay to think whatever fucked up racist, sexist, hateful, way you wanted, as long as you did it in private. And we let that way of thinking go for so long, we’re now paying for the consequences of underlying issues. Like IGNORANCE and APATHY.

Me watching President Obama’s last state of the nation address.

I’m not saying everyone has to think the same, that would be boring, but the only way to make this world a safer, more livable place is to become more understanding and to learn from one another. You want to make a change? Have a conversation with someone you disagree with instead of deleting them from your feed or your life. Engage them in an honest discussion and don’t stop until you can learn at least ONE thing form them.

But don’t think for one second that simply typing your feelings on Facebook about inequality is going to help anyone. Who are you gonna help? The people already on “your side of the issue”? Because you’ve already deleted the ones who are not!

I can’t stand it when people complain about the current political situation but flinch when I ask them who their city auditor is. Or when the next election is. You want to make a REAL difference? Go to your local council and school board meetings, talk to the people who make daily decisions about your neighborhood, schools and police force. Don’t just sit there behind your screen and break your thumbs typing an angry response when someone disagrees with you.

And for all that is good in this world, don’t you dare complain about the electoral college or redistricting when you didn’t ever care to show up and vote!

Stop blaming, start in person honest discussions without judgment, volunteer, google your local elected officials. But for the love of God…



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  1. December 2, 2017 at 12:42 am

    Well Expressed

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