Breaking News: Two people move & make Florida blue again.

I hate moving. It’s all the packing and unpacking that makes me neurotic. Everything else about moving is usually exciting. New home, new city, new surroundings. Lots to explore and learn when you move out of your comfort zone. Another great thing about moving is that you get to cleanse your home. You de-clutter, shed and donate everything you never used since you moved the last time… you heard me fondue set.

So yes, moves are annoying and expensive but there’s always hope that something better awaits at the end of that Uhaul truck. A new adventure and a new beginning.

Moving within the same city is annoying, but moving across state lines can test your sanity. I mean I’m writing this as I’m sandwiched in the car between our safe and my husband, running on five hours of sleep.You drive yourself nuts making sure everything is well packed so it doesn’t fall out or break between states, figuring out how to fit all your “essentials” in your car, and packing the Kitchen Aid mixer! OMG, that sucker is heavy. Every time I have to pack it I promise myself I will use it more. Every time.

But today I don’t have to move alone. That’s the best part about this new adventure, I get to ride with the hubs! Having a partner who holds your hand when you cry after you close the door to your first home one last time, is what makes this move to Florida tolerable. Even when the car is spring loaded with all our crap and we have a 16 hour drive ahead of us, somehow we feel sane.

But even though I have a partner with me now, I still can’t help but be a little sad to leave my bachelorette pad. Ok, I never called it that, but that’s what it was when I bought it! I came into it thinking this could be the place I brought home my first sperm-donor child, and wondered if the guy below me would sell me his place so I could have room for a nanny.

Our bedroom in Columbus mid-packing session.

Eventually after a long dating experiment I met Doug, and two and a half years later here we are! Newlyweds moving to the most humid place on earth! Just two more people trying to make Florida blue again! I mean that’s not the motivation for the move, and I’m not even a democrat, I don’t like labels. But if there’s anything we can do to prevent another four years of terror then you bet your bikini wax I’ll be doing it!

This move is both exhilarating and terrifying. We decided to move because it was the best thing for Doug’s golf career but we’re both constantly looking at each other asking: “are we crazy?” No. We’re not completely nuts, but we have agreed that in life you have to get a little crazy sometimes in order to jump when you have no safety net in sight. We’re jumpers, that’s who Doug and I are, we get scared and often doubt our state of reason but we just keep reminding ourselves that without risks there can be no rewards.

I hope this post inspires you out there, reading from your desk, house, bathroom, to take that leap outside of your comfort zone and seek the adventure that life has planned for you. I’ll tell you how you’ll feel once you do: alive, afraid, exhilarated, inspired, terrified, unsure, tested… but always blessed. Because you’ll be doing what you were meant to do.

Love. Always! ~M


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