Sugar & Spice Make Your Reading Light!

Dear, lovely, smart, sexy readers!

As you know, I have a few passions in my life. One of them is making and eating delicious home-cooked meals. My friends and family know this about me, which I suspect, is half the reason they keep me around. That is why I have decided to share some of the recipes I love, with all of you. And what better way to do that than through this awesome blog I call my writing home?

Don’t worry, the usual decadent relationship and lifestyle content will continue, it will just be sprinkled with some spicy and sweet recipes here and there. Because who doesn’t love reading about how to date smarter, while eating home-made tortillas? Just make sure you wipe your sticky fingers off before getting dressed to meet that charismatic new match you’ve been chatting with, you go-getter you! 😉


Don’t believe me? Just wait, and you’ll see all the amazingness you can make happen in your life with the right kitchen tools and the right attitude.

I know what you’re thinking, “all bloggers are the same”. Nah, my friend, stick with me and you will see. I promise that if doesn’t make you happier, it will make you a better cook!

And with that incredibly brilliant thought, I leave you to your swiping, or bread kneading, or couple’s therapy. All which bring you equal parts joy and thicker skin. Literally and figuratively.




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