{Date 29} The Crazy One(s)

October 29th 2014 –

“All women are crazy, especially Mexican women,” He tells me laughing.

I know he’s part joking, but I’d like to think I’ve learned enough about men in the past 15 years, and especially the last thirty days of my life, to know how to read between the lines. When a man says a woman is “crazy”, it has something to do with a particularly unpleasant experience he had in his dating life, which he’s now reflecting on every woman he meets. Thank you Lorena Bobbitt. {By the way, I’m not trying to make excuses for her but it’s important to note that Lorena was a victim of domestic violence, and her husband was a dick… no pun intended.} Anyway, The truth is, most women and men are perfectly sane. It’s how attracted we are to the person that can make the difference between behavior we might consider crazy/creepy, or charming/cute. It’s all relative to how we feel about them, and it is that simple.


But tell me this, how many people can actually thoughtfully describe what qualifies as “crazy” behavior? I ask my date this question and he draws a blank. “I can’t tell you because then you will hide the ‘crazy’ qualities from me,” he replies. Is this d!$*head serious?! We just met, and because I’m a woman, he already thinks I’m crazy, top that with the fact that I’m Mexican and BOOM! The crazy explosion is going to splash all over his face and the Stella he’s sipping on. Definitely not a good way to start getting to know a person.

Five minutes after he makes that statement I decide I’m never gonna see him again so why not dig deeper? “Let’s pretend I’m not a woman, and you’re talking to your buddy, what makes a woman crazy?” I ask him. He ponders for a second and answers hesitantly, “Some don’t know when to stop, they’ll text me five times in a row.” “Oh my God, somebody call a psychiatrist, that woman is insane!” I reply in a VERY sarcastic tone. “So this woman who text you five times in a row, did she also slash your tires, break in to your house, steal your money or threaten to kill you?” I ask. “No, nothing crazy like that,” he replies.

We spend the rest of the dinner talking about more pleasant things, and it turns out he’s not as self-centered as I thought. Until he tells me he’s a tinder type # 1. It’s date 29, so I’m not at all surprised when he says: “I just think (tinder) is funny, I like to swipe on my free time,” No offense to all the tinder type 1’s out there but you all need a better hobby! I have some phone numbers to non-profit organizations that I would gladly share with you, where you can actually use your free time to help people, since you’re that bored with your own lives!

We end the date on a high note, I leave. He walks me to my car and we hug goodbye. “Thanks so much for dinner!” I say to him. And the brutal honesty. Saves me a lot of time and texting!



  One thought on “{Date 29} The Crazy One(s)

  1. Gary
    October 31, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    It’s always the crazy ones who accuse everyone else of being crazy…girl you better get your shit and run when you hear that comment.

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  2. Mónica
    November 1, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    He drank Stella? I like Stella, but have never met a guy who chooses to drink Stella…not even Eddy who likes pink cocktails. Is it odd that I’m focusing on his choice of drink?

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  3. November 4, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    He said: “Some don’t know when to stop, they’ll text me five times in a row.”… Advise: in that case, you can tell him/her that behavior isn´t confortable to yourself -trying to stablish limits-. If Him/Her continues with this (?), simple: JUST LEAVE THE RELATIONSHIP -this kind of “love” isn´t for you- (it´s not cruel, it´s simple and TRUE).


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