Chivalry, Get Some! {Date 19} East Coast Guy, Part 2

In the past, when I’ve had more than one date in one day, I’ve written both into one post. However, this date was worthy of it’s very own post, because I couldn’t do it justice any other way!

Saturday NIGHT, October 18 –

I’m rushing to try and find my coat when he texts: “I’m here.” Shoot! “I’ll be down in a minute,” I write back. Nearly ten minutes later, I walk out of the elevator and see him standing by my front door with a big umbrella. “I didn’t know if you would have one so I thought I would bring it,” he says with a smile. It’s been raining all night, and of course I didn’t think to bring an umbrella, so I thank him and my stars for sending such a thoughtful man to my door.

We cross the street and he opens the car door for me. Everything about this man tells me he’s genuine and kind. He parked across the street and got out, to wait by my door with an umbrella so I wouldn’t get wet. I laugh inside when I think of how many dates I’ve been on where a guy has bothered to get out of his car to open the door for me… I can count them in one hand. I make a mental note: “Pitch an ad campaign called: ‘Chivalry, get some!’ and air it on ESPN.” The world might be a better place if Lil Wayne rapped about this concept on his next hit single. Second mental note: “find out who represents Lil Wayne…”

The place we’re going to for dinner is three blocks from where my date lives, but he still offered to drive south 20 blocks to pick me up. This might not mean anything to some people, but I’ve filed it away in my head inside a folder labeled: “Great men I’d like to see again.” It’s next to the one labeled: “To be deleted for good”.

It’s Saturday night and we’re expecting a wait when we arrive at his favorite pub, so we sit by the bar. The bartender raves about their special concept for an Old Fashioned, I laugh and politely order a gin dirty martini instead. My date orders the Old Fashioned, “I really enjoy whiskey,” he tells me. “Not really my style, I like tequila better,” I reply. We argue for the next 10 minutes, over which type of liquor is better, neither of us is able to convince the other.

Thirty minutes later, our table is ready. We get what he considers to be one of the best seats in the house, It’s a lucky night! We’re chatting away comfortably, almost like we’re old friends, this doesn’t feel like a second date. But it’s still exciting and I can’t wait to find out more about him.

After dinner we walk down to one of my favorite local coffee shops and order some apple cider to warm up, because I swear the temperature has dropped 20 degrees since dinner. He tells me about his childhood while we share a giant peanut butter cookie. I listen intrigued, and don’t think about anything else but this moment, right here, in a small coffee shop downtown, just me and him on a couch. Before we realize it, the place is shutting down and we’re the only customers left inside. We make our way back to his car, and he opens the door for me again. Good, it wasn’t just to impress me once… I make another mental note: “this guy means business!”

Ten minutes later we’re back on my side of town. He parks the car so he can walk me to my door. I thank him for dinner, and lean in to hug him when we reach my front door. But before I can pull back, he looks at me, grabs me tighter and lands a kiss!

Suddenly I can feel the blood rushing a thousand miles per hour through my body. Two seconds before I was cold and now I’m warm, from my toes to the tip of my nose. I’m trying to get a grip on myself, as I say goodnight to him with a ridiculous smile on my face. I walk inside my building, straight past the elevators, and the stairs! By the time my brain catches up to what’s happening, I’m standing next to the mailboxes. “Where are you going?” something inside me asks. “I have no idea,” I say back, “but I have no intention of stopping.”



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