{Date 18} Keeping Up With The Trainer & The Rest

One of the problems with dating so many men in such a limited amount of time is keeping all their names straight. But there are other unforeseen issues associated with this challenge, such as:

  • Forgetting what I told each one about me
  • Forgetting what my dates tell me about themselves
  • Keeping up with the texting is hard, and following up after a date.
  • I keep worrying I might run into one of them while on another date. (Although, that would be fine because I’m not exclusively dating anyone… I have to keep reminding myself of this.)
  • Too much drinking and eating
  • No time to do laundry

People have asked me if the guys I go out with know about the challenge, the answer is no. Why? Because there’s no need to share with them something that doesn’t affect them, especially if I never see them again. Now before you light up your torch and chase after me, you should know I have every intention of telling the guys who I stay friends with or continue to date, after this challenge. My biggest fear is that the news might upset them. But I hope they understand that I didn’t set out to expose or hurt anyone, I’m on a personal journey to get out of my comfort zone, try new things, and learn how to date again.

Now let’s get on with it!

The Date…

Saturday October 18 – 12 Dates to Go!

“Now this guy seems more your type!” was Ryan’s response to the email I sent him before my date. “Just be weary, he could be a player,” was his last piece of advice. I wonder how Ryan can tell a guy is a player from just a few pictures? It takes one to know one right??? 😉

He’s sitting on the entryway bench, patiently waiting for me. My first thought is: “He’s shorter in person,” and “wow those eyes!” Clearly I do have a type: pretty eyed, athletic men with a great sense of humor and a sparkly smile… Am I shallow?? Anyway, we hug and make some initial awkward conversation while the hostess leads us to our table.

He’s friendly and cute, plus he laughs at my lame jokes, which is a plus. But there’s one weird thing I can’t get over… He sounds and acts just like my friend Phil. If I close my eyes I could easily be on a date with Phil, which would be a HUGE problem since he’s married to one of my friends. YIKES! Super awkward… I keep staring at him waiting for him to tell me to “stop asking so many damn questions,” like Phil would say. But he’s not Phil, he’s my date!

Eventually I order my brain to focus on the fact that he’s not my friend Phil, so it’s ok to be on a date with him. He’s a personal trainer and runs a gym. I’m impressed at his ability to share with me certain intimate details about his family, I guess he feels comfortable. That’s a good thing, so I listen to the stories of his youth and how they led him to our city. I don’t know what to think of him, he’s attractive, but I don’t feel an immediate connection. This could be another potential new friendship, or maybe a romance… I guess this proves sometimes you need more than one date to figure out if you have chemistry with someone. By the time I take the last bite of my french toast, I decide that if I make it out of this challenge alive, I will definitely consider seeing him again.


  One thought on “{Date 18} Keeping Up With The Trainer & The Rest

  1. October 29, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    The french toast totally threw me off


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