{DATE 14} The Doctor and The Truth

Monday October 13th – 16 dates to go!

We meet for our second date, at a restaurant that I’ve never heard of, and it makes sense because it’s hidden away in a half abandoned strip mall. My date tells me this is his favorite Japanese spot in the city, and I know this man is smart, so I trust his judgement. Besides, he lived in Japan for a few years so he should know right?

We order one of almost everything on the menu! A feast is brought to our table and we sample all the plates while engaging in thought-provoking conversation. “Do you think people are born already being good, or bad?” I ask. “I think they’re inherently good, at least I want to believe that,” he replies… Almost two hours go by and we’re still eating and talking. I feel as if he’s unwrapping my brain, one layer at a time, with each topic getting deeper and deeper. I’m worried he might get to the center, and not find it as satisfying as a tootsie pop!

I like him, he’s smart, he challenges my intellect by asking thought provoking questions. Somehow we land on the breakup topic… “Do you think women are better at handling breakups than men are?” he asks. “I think we are,” I say. It’s the few neurotic ones that have given us a bad rep.”

Yes, breakups are tough, for everyone, not just women. But it infuriates me when I hear guys say: “I don’t want to break up with her or tell her how I really feel, because she might go crazy on me.” When, and how did men arrive at the idea that women can’t handle bad news? Other than what we see on the Real Housewives, show me some hard evidence that proves this theory correct?

In fact, I find that most women would rather hear the ugly truth, and then just move on with their fabulous lives. Most women don’t key cars, or smash out windows. Most women get hurt, and maybe cry or get depressed, but they don’t lash out on an all-hell breaks loose – slice off a man’s privates – rampage.

Of all the breakups I’ve suffered through, the ones I’ve bounced from the fastest are the ones were the guy has been honest and upfront. No BS, just the truth… such as: “I’m not that into you.” “I don’t see a future with you.” “I hate your laugh.” My response: That’s fine, thanks for the information, I appreciate your honesty and have a nice life!

After more than two hours of food and conversation, my date and I call it a night. We walk out to the parking lot and hug goodbye. When I get home I have a text message form him that reads: “So here’s the truth: I really enjoyed spending time with you and would love to do it again soon.” … The truth is so refreshing! 🙂


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