30 tinder Dates in 30 Nights {Dates 10, 11 & 12} The Last Tripleheader

According to baseball history, the last tripleheader was played on October 2, 1920 between the Reds and the Pirates. (source: The Last Tripleheader). My dear readers, this means, you’re about to experience a historical event! No such sporting phenomenon has occurred since that sunny fall October Saturday 94 years ago. I’m sure you can all appreciate the parallel story here…

Ladies and gents: hold on to your hats, cause it’s gonna be a windy day at the ball park!

October 11th, 19 days to go!

Ahhh Saturday morning! I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my goals for the day:

  1. Workout
  2. Brunch date
  3. Coffee date
  4. Nap?
  5. Homecoming Date

Somehow I managed to get not one, not two, but three dates in one day! This might get a little confusing, so please try to keep up…

{Date 10} Brunch with The East Coaster…

I arrive five minutes late with my hair still wet, glasses and no makeup on. Honestly I’m thinking this will be a quick one, so why bother? Based on our chat conversations, east coast guy seems to be lacking one crucial thing: interest in our date. I wasn’t even sure he would actually want to meet up because he seemed so nonchalant, almost lazy about his approach. I’m thinking he might even be relieved if I don’t actually show up.

To my surprise, he smiles and greets me with gusto when I arrive. We hug, and as I take my seat across from him I start to regret not putting at lest some lipgloss on. Our conversation is good, easy, it flows naturally without awkward pauses. We talk about his life, my life, our common interests in the east coast, and why mid-westerners like to drive everywhere.

The best part is that he looks better in person. He’s handsome, charming and has a great smile. I like what I see… here’s hoping he feels the same way. I tell him that I find tinder interesting because it’s almost easier to get approached on there than at a bar on a Friday night. “That’s because asking a woman out is utterly terrifying!” he says. “Even for confident guys, when you see a woman who you’re attracted to, it almost becomes daunting to approach her.”

I share with him (without getting into details) the story of how I once asked two random guys at a bar if they were single, and how that little experience almost traumatized me for life. “I can talk to strangers and I have no problem telling someone how I feel,” I say, “but approaching an attractive guy who I’ve never talked to before is worse than waxing!” We laugh, but we both wonder… “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” “She says no and chops off your head?” I say. “She laughs in my face and then proceeds to tell the entire bar: ‘hey everyone, this asshole just tried to ask me out’,” he adds. We both crack up at the thought…

{Date 11} Coffee with The Easy Rider…

After a brief two-hour break, I meet my second date of the day at a coffee shop. When he asked me out a few days earlier he said we could go on a bike ride, I thought he meant a pedal bike so I immediately agreed. “No,” he wrote, “I mean on my motorcycle!”… What have I done?!

I spot him sitting outside of the coffee shop waiting with helmet and Kevlar jacket in hand. “Should we get some coffee first?” I ask nervously, realizing I’m about to experience a challenge within my comfort challenge. Riding on a bike, with a complete stranger, who I haven’t even background checked… I really am suffering from a temporary moment of insanity and “wtf was I thinking?”

We sit and chat, for about thirty minutes, and I slowly settle back into my comfort zone. No longer nervous, I sip on my dirty chi while he tells me about his life and work. He’s a fireman, although I would have never guessed that about him since he majored in business. So I’m intrigued. There’s no spark here but I still enjoy the conversation and I no longer feel like he will drive me to a secluded place and kill me.

“Are you ready to take a ride?” he asks. I nod a convincing “yes” and we make our way to his fancy bike. I suit up:


He kindly adjusts the strap on my helmet and we hop on! I remind him not to go on the highway or leave the 5-mile radius of the neighborhood, and he obliges my request. It turns out to be a nice ride, it’s a beautiful sunny day and as we ride up the main street bridge downtown I think to myself: “I’m so freaking blessed!” I have my health, a crazy cool family, amazing friends and I get to do this…

{Date 12} Homecoming with The Illusionist…

Oh Yeah! Homecoming at my alma mater is a special kind of fun. The streets pack with returning alumnus and alumnae from all parts of the world to try an revive those amazing and ridiculous college memories we left behind years ago. My initial thought about my date’s proposal to meet at homecoming was: “this is a bad idea, too many things going on in one place”. But then I remembered how much I loved that place, and how I never had a college homecoming date before. So what’s the worse that could happen?

We meet uptown at a local bar, for our first drink. I say first drink because this is homecoming and things can get blurry if you stop counting. Wow, he’s tall! I have to stand almost four feet back from him so we can make eye contact when we talk. “You wanna grab a seat?” I ask. He’s nice, funny, but young. Even though he’s 28, only two years younger, based on the conversation I feel a great divide. But I listen intently looking for the intriguing parts. He likes fashion, I like fashion! He loves this town, I love this town!

We move on to another bar and meet up with my friends. I buy him a slice of my favorite pizza. “You bought the drinks!” I say. He’s shocked, but appreciative, we make some more conversation and then he tells me: “I’ll be right back.” Twenty minutes later he’s nowhere in sight. My friends ask if I’d like to go to another bar, the traditional end of the night locale and I happily agree. “Not sure what happened to my date though,” I say, “should I be concerned?” And then I remember what coach George told me when I asked him for advice on this meeting. “Don’t be surprised if he disappears, he’s young, (though I prefer to use the word immature), and there will be a lot of distractions around that night.” Actually George used a different word for “distractions”, but I didn’t want to make you pull up urbandictionary.com.

We move on to the next bar and have a fabulous time! I practically forget about my date, just hope he’s ok. The next morning he texts me to apologize saying his phone died so he went to charge it and then ran into some “old friends”… “I understand what you mean,” I reply… 🙂



  One thought on “30 tinder Dates in 30 Nights {Dates 10, 11 & 12} The Last Tripleheader

  1. scootergirl
    October 14, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Wow. You pulled the nearly impossible 🙂 I would have been worried about my energy level LOL. Has date #1 called? Date #2 sounded exciting; it’s not everyday you get to ride a motorcylce on a gorgeous day! And date #3….i’m glad you were around your friends at least; did he know you all would be around friends though?


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