30 Tinder Dates in 30 Nights – {Part 2} The Rules

I’ve been asked to post the rules of this challenge so here they are:

1. All dates must come from Tinder with guys I’ve never met before.

2. If the opportunity presents itself, a second date with the same guy may be planed as long as it does not happen more than once a week. A week being Monday – Sunday.

3. All dates must take place between the hours of 10am and midnight.

4. 30 dates must be accomplished in 30 consecutive nights/days. From October 1st through October 30th.

5. Ask each guy at least one deep question to try and get to know him better.

6. No names. To respect the privacy of the guys who I go out with, I will use nicknames instead of names.

Also, I have assembled a panel of experts who will be coaching me throughout the challenge. These experts are good friends of mine who have known me for years and have more than decent dating records. Shout out to them for agreeing to this task! 🙂

The Expert Coaches:

Kevin – Married and in his 30’s.

Tony – Single and in his 30’s

George – In a serious relationship and in his 30’s

Ryan – Engaged and in his 30’s

Luis – Engaged and in his 30’s

RJ – Married and in his 30’s



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