Ya Te Puedes Casar. Permission to Marry.

In my Mexican family we have a saying, “Ya te puedes casar”, it translates to: “you can get married now”. I have no idea if it’s an entire Mexican culture thing or if it only happens in my family, so please don’t go citing this in your Spanish homework kids. But ever since I was a little girl, I remember hearing this phrase every time someone, specifically a woman, did something extraordinary in the kitchen or home.

Interview with The Real Estate of Life

The thing that always held me back was the fear of dating multiple guys at once. The idea just didn’t fit with me. I was always a one guy at a time kind of girl. Like if I went out on one date with a guy I felt that I couldn’t accept another invitation until I figured out where things were going to lead with the first guy. It’s absolutely absurd now that I verbalize it! I mean I was basically my own worst enemy because I would get stuck on guys who were not even close to what I really wanted or good for me at all, all because I felt obligated to…