Miss Independent

One of the biggest “regrets” I had when I was in my previous relationship was that I might get married without ever experiencing what it was like to live on my own. I always thought that I would eventually have my own place without roommates, just me in a one bedroom fabulous loft downtown. Living that cosmopolitan life I cherish. Two…

Slow Your Role

The time struggle between our significant others and friends. Not long ago I read a post by a woman in her early twenties, who wrote about her reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship. She said she was single because she didn’t want to be “one of those people” who stopped hanging out with their friends, just to be…


The Perks of Dating a Control Freak

“I see what your problem is,” he said, as if he’d known me for years, “you have control issues.” Wow, you got all that from my golf swing?” I asked. “Yes, your golf swing tells on you,” he replied laughing. Might as well get that out of the way right now, I thought to myself. What’s the point of pretending?…


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